About Us

Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. Has Been The West Coast's Fundraising Leader For More Than 40 Years

Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. was founded way back in 1969. Our mission is to help organizations, non-profits, businesses, and individuals fulfill their dreams. By providing easy-to-sell, high quality products, Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. has a very long history of being an essential partner in our region's most successful fundraisers.

Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of quality products to non-profit organizations for fund raising purposes. Our goal is to provide quality products to youth oriented groups and schools, for the purpose of raising the funds necessary to establish and maintain healthy, wholesome, enriching, academic, athletic, and social experiences for the youth of this nation.

We insist on providing the very best service and make sure you always have help from our local fundraising experts. That insures your fundraiser will happen smoothly creating the success you envision.

Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. features fast, prompt deliveries and quick re-orders

We have a variety of fundraising options including Direct Sell and Pre-Order Programs proven to work well for any group or organization. We also offer a variety of healthy products that fit well with schools and satisfy regulations.

Contact Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. TODAY TOLL FREE at (800) 642-0217 and let's discuss exciting options for your next fundraiser!