Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. Has Answers!

Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. has been organizing and supplying our region's most successful fundraisers for more than 40 years. We have the experience and know-how to make your fundraising experience easy and rewarding. Here are the answers to the most often asked questions.

What is product fundraising?

Product fundraising has been around for over a century. It typically involves the purchase and re-sale of popular consumer products by a non-profit group. You keep a portion of the gross sales. Products can be purchased in bulk and paid for in advance, then re-sold to supporters.

Why is product fundraising effective?

Product fundraising usually involves a professional fundraising company - and often a sales representative - which serves as liaison between the product supplier and volunteers responsible for the fundraising drive. This makes your fundraiser far easier to organize and increases your revenues.

How can we prevent our parents and other supporters from burning out on fundraising?

Set clear goals and firm deadlines. Do a few and do them well. Families are more supportive if they understand and support one or two tangible goals. Know what others are doing. Share dates and other important info with other fundraising groups in the community to avoid duplicating efforts.

What percent of fundraising sales should organizations receive?

Percentages vary, but the important thing is volunteers should be focused on how the combination of product quality, company services and percent of profit to be received will all work together to help the organization meet its total fundraising goal.

Are incentive programs essential for motivating volunteers? What's appropriate?

It is important that school administrators and parent groups work closely with fundraising companies to ensure incentive programs are appropriate for their students. As stated in AFRDS Standards for Professional Practice, companies should be sensitive to the potential negative impact of placing undue emphasis on sales incentives.

Does a product fundraising sale require "door-to-door" solicitation?

Children should never be allowed to sell door-to-door unless directly supervised by a parent or responsible adult. When working with an adult, children can turn door-to-door sales into a very positive experience.

Who are product fundraisers?

Product fundraisers are companies that provide products and services to schools, parent-teacher organizations, booster clubs, church groups, youth sports leagues, scouting groups and other non-profit organizations to assist them in their fundraising programs.

Why should companies benefit from fundraising efforts?

Like all other services schools may utilize, professional fundraising services do come with a price. But the rewards of a good relationship with a fundraising company are well worth the investment.

What is the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers?

The Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers is an international association of companies that provide products and services to non-profit organizations to assist in fundraising programs.

Due to childhood obesity is it still appropriate for schools to sell candy to raise funds?

Examining food consumption by students at school is important. Gateway Fund Raising Service, Inc. offers SP12 school approved snack items. We also meet the state requirements and regulations for healthy products for schools in the state of California.